Drink Menu


  • Mojito $58

    White Rum, Fresh Lime Juice, Mint Sprig, Sugar, Soda and Bitters

  • Aperol Spritz $58

    Aperol Bitters, Prosecco Sparkling Wine, Soda Water with Grapefruit & Cucumber

  • Bloody Mary $65

    Vodka and Tomato Juice with Herbs Spice & Savory Sauce Relish

  • Singapore Sling $65

    London dry Gin, Benedictine, Maraschino, Lime, Pineapple Juice with Soda, Bitters and Pomegranate Syrup

  • Bonita Applebum $65

    Chilli Infused with Vodka, Green Apple, fresh Citrus Juice, Egg White and simple syrup

  • Java Jazz $65

    Vodka, Espresso, Frangelico

  • Honey Whiskey Sour $65

    Bourbon Whiskey, Fresh Lemon Juice, Egg White and Raw Honey Syrup

  • Chilli Lime Martini

    Lemongrass & Chilli Infused with Vodka, fresh Citrus Juice and Homemade Lemongrass Cordial

  • Fresh Thai Colada

    Light Rum, Coconut Rum, Citrus and Sugar with fresh Young Coconut Water (Served in a whole young coconut)

  • Peanut Butter Rum Sour

    Peanut Butter infused with Rum, Pineapple, Lime Juice, Passion-fruit puree & Bitters


  • Virgin Mojito $48

    Fresh Mint, Brown Sugar, Fresh Lime Juice topped with Soda

  • Yellow Sky $48

    Pineapple, Orange, Passionfruit, Fresh Lime Juice topped with Soda

  • Shirley Temple $48

    Lime juice, Grenadine syrup topped with Sprite

  • Fruit Float $48

    Mango, Pineapple, Orange Juice with Coconut Cream and Grenadine Syrup

  • Strawberry Blast $48

    Strawberry, Cranberry, Fresh lime juice topped with Soda

  • Refresh Your Mind $48

    Fresh Mint, Green Apple, Apple Juice, Lime Juice with Soda